Daith $68
Rook $68
Tragus $68
Conch $80
Helix $68
Lobes $68
Industrial $80
Monroe $68
Medusa/Philtrum $68
Brows $68
Lips/Bites $68
Nose $68
Septum $80
Bridge $80
Labret $68

Body Piercing After Care

*Area must be kept clean at all times. Clean once daily as followed: Use warm salt water or Saline solution to remove any crusting. Next step is to wash using an antibacterial soap (we recommend soft soap) Dial soap is to harsh and drying to healing cells so please avoid using it. Work soap to a lather in your hands and apply to area and jewelry. Rotate jewelry through piercing to insure cleanliness. Rinse thoroughly with warm water again rotating jewelry to remove any soap residue. Jewelry must be kept in piercing an average of 2-3 months before being changed. Be careful of cheap mall jewelry it is usually not safe grade material. If you want a different piece of jewelry a piercer can change it for you after a minimum of two weeks. A piercing will be red and sore this is normal. A piercing will have discharge of a clear, white, or off white color this is perfectly normal.

If the piercing is discharging a green puss like fluid it may be infected come in or give us a call. DO NOT REMOVE JEWELRY you will trap infection inside. A good indicator of infection is that it is warm to the touch. If we cannot help you to get the piercing to a healthy state we recommend seeing your primary care physician for an anti biotic.

Oral Piercing After Care

*Use ice for 24-72 hours to keep swelling to a minimum. Use a non alcohol antibacterial mouthwash after consuming any foods. Rinse with bottled water after smoking or drinking anything other than water. Periodically check the balls of jewelry for tightness with clean hands. It is recommended to change start up jewelry after a couple of weeks.

Oversized jewelry is used to insure comfort due to swelling. We recommend taking an over the counter Ibuprofen before going to bed as this will minimize swelling also.

*If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.

Remember to be patient body piercings do not heal overnight. Aftercare is your job follow instructions!